Fire Protection & Fire Suppression

Fire protection systems are mandated by governing authorities in an effort to protect your building.  However, a very real benefit is that these systems can also help save lives.  Typical fire protection systems can include sprinklers, standpipes and fire pumps.  The requirements for these systems are heavily dependent on the size of the building, the height of the building, the construction of the building, the occupancy of the building, the available water supply, and the hazard classification of the building’s contents.

There are also specialized systems that may be required for a particular facility (or space within) such as a dry system, deluge system, pre-action system, or a gaseous or chemical fire suppression system.  Some of these systems require sophisticated smoke detection systems and ancillary room control devices to properly function.

You need a team that understands and considers all of this information when designing these systems on your behalf.  We have completed many projects that do just that.

Please have a look at some of our representative projects below so you can see how we have helped others create their Best Building.

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