MOH Resources Rd. - Decommisioning And Abatement


The Ontario Government has owned the Resources Road complex in Toronto Ontario for approximately 50 years. The facility consists of a series of interconnected Lab buildings built in different eras:

• Building 81: 176,239.00 square feet built in 1966;
• Building 81A: 53,821.00 square feet built in 1980;
• Building 101: 33,304.00 square feet built 1976;
• Total area in scope is 263,364 square feet

Project Team

M4S was the Prime consultant chosen to coordinate and manage a complete team consisting of the following disciplines:

• Architectural
• Environmental/Abatement
• Electrical
• Code Consultant

Scope of work

The scope of services for this project was to analyze the existing facilities; to determine infrastructure work required to decommission the buildings; and return it to “base building” condition. Specific items include:

• Removal of all program related HVAC, ductwork, rooftop units and equipment, exhaust systems, fume hoods, autoclaves, associated gas lines, and electrical connections for equipment.
• Adjust and balance final HVAC system as required.
• All ductwork is to be tested for hazardous materials contamination due to program use, and is to be sanitized and abated where required.
• Intrusive testing was completed during investigation under Type 2 containment conditions.
• Removal of refrigeration equipment, walk-in freezers & refrigerators.
• Decommissioning of CL3 Labs and associated equipment.
• Ensure that the buildings meet all the current building codes for a vacant office space.
• Environmental Consultant performed a detailed DSS and Hazardous Materials survey for all in scope spaces. Mechanical drawings were coordinated and produced to suit environmental findings.


Project services included feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design.