We understand that there are many Engineering firms that you can contact to help you solve your problems.  For the most part, we are sure that some of these firms may be able to just get the job done; some may do a little bit better than others; and the rest will just fail to make you happy.  Why would you take that risk?

Don’t you want to work with best team and a team that is looking after your best interests?

At MAT 4Site, we understand that our role is to bring more to the table than just a set of drawings and reports.  We understand that there is a lot that must happen behind the scenes on our end to make your projects successful and to help you create your Best Buildings.  It’s the behind the scenes investments that we make that we believe give us numerous advantages over our competitors.

These advantages include:

  • We have a very clear and focused Mission
  • An ability to listen to and understand our client’s needs and provide a targeted and successful solution that can be clearly explained to all stakeholders
  • An emphasis on performing our due diligence
  • An emphasis on providing a high level of quality
  • An emphasis on timely delivery
  • An emphasis on training to upgrade knowledge, skills and abilities
  • A Flexible and mobile workforce
  • A Strong leadership core
  • A Teamwork based atmosphere
  • Very low employee turnover
  • Availability of, and interaction with, our Principals
  • Head Office access to major highways and multiple modes of public transit offers easy and efficient deployment to various locations in the GTA and beyond
  • Coast-to-Coast Professional Engineering licensing
  • A High level of repeat business


Feel free to contact us to learn about how we can help you create your Best Building.