Company History

The Start

In late 2004, a trio of humble people decided that it was time to dip their toes in the waters of independence in the nation of Engineers.  Milenko Matutinovic, Janusz Zygmunt and Raffaele Verre had come together in a belief that they could offer the public superior service in the field of Mechanical Engineering to help owners and managers create their Best Buildings.  This belief has driven the founders of this company through the years, and exists as a burning desire in the hearts and minds of those that now call themselves members of Team MAT 4Site.

Each founding member has a unique story, but each story has an underlying theme: Perseverance.

Janusz and Milenko both immigrated to Canada from war-torn nations with a belief that they could find a better life in Canada.  They risked all they had and said goodbye to all they knew in the hopes that their children would not have to live through the same hardships that they had to endure.  For over two decades, these men have demonstrated the ability to move forward and be proud and successful members of the community.

Raffaele, the son of humble immigrant factory workers and a first generation Canadian, saw first-hand the sacrifices that his parents made in an effort to make a better life for him and his brother.  Lessons that will never be forgotten.  His parents, like Milenko and Janusz, put it all on the line for a better life.

Perseverance: it’s what bonds this trio together.

A Team with Cultural Diversity

We are all different, yet we are all alike.  We all want to be the best.  We are proud of the cultural diversity of our team.  Our Team is made up of people who have backgrounds rooted in many nations throughout this big world.

When the founders started the company, it sounded like the start of a bad joke: “A Croatian guy, an Italian guy and a Polish guy walk into a bar…”.  However, these cultural differences that the founders have, and the cultural diversity that the entire team has, enables the entire company to better understand and appreciate the various perspectives of others.  Team MAT 4Site proves that cultural harmony is possible – and that is a uniquely Canadian ideal!

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