Chilled Water & DX Cooling

These systems deliver cooling to your building.  Chilled water systems use water or a glycol mixture as the cooling distribution medium, while DX systems use refrigerant.  These are the systems that will keep your people comfortable in warmer weather and your critical equipment cool on a year-round basis.  We frequently pair these systems with some form of free cooling or economizer cycle to take advantage of the ambient temperature to help reduce your energy costs.  We can reclaim heat from these systems that can be used elsewhere in your building to help reduce your heating bill.

Chillers, cooling towers, pumps, variable or constant water flow, piping distribution, condensing units, cooling load duration and requirements, refrigerant types, VRF, regulatory requirements, energy efficiency, and more – there is a lot to consider when engineering a chilled water or DX system.  You need a team that understands and considers all of this information when designing these systems on your behalf.  We have completed many projects that do just that.

Please have a look at some of our representative projects below so you can see how we have helped others create their Best Building.

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