The Savoy - Chiller Plant Replacement


This project involved the engineering for the replacement of the central cooling plant that supplies chilled water to the residential condominium building.

The existing cooling plant included one chiller (360 T), cooling tower, two dual temperature (chilled/hot) water pumps and a condensing water pump. All equipment was original to the facility, which was 20+Years old at the time.

Three Options were presented to the client along with an energy model, feasibility study lifecycle analysis in which we reviewed various chiller technologies, as well as an option to retrofit the chiller to a newer refrigerant. With our guidance, a new VFD chiller was selected.

The existing chiller was replaced with a new VFD, R-134a chiller, with a capacity of 330Tons. The chilled water plant load was verified for the entire building, and sized accordingly, as part of the project.

In addition, the dual temperature water pumps and the condenser water pumps are replaced.
A new refrigerant monitoring system was also designed as part of this project. The design for the chiller room was upgraded to meet CSA-B52 requirements.

This project received funding from the Better Building Partnership due to the overall energy reduction that was achieved compared to the old system.

Challenges overcome for this project included:

• Ensuring minimal disruption to the facility’s functions throughout the construction period.


Project services included energy modeling, feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review, contract administration and commissioning.