TELUS Markham and Etobicoke Facilities - HVAC Upgrade, Crac Units


The project involved engineering for the system upgrade and installation of new cooling units for computer rooms at two data operation centers. The existing units serving those spaces were DX units with air cooled outdoor condensers. The new units have chilled fluid (glycol) coils and outdoor installed dry coolers, which provide cooling only when the outdoor temperature drops below 55°F.

Telus – Etobicoke

The existing system for PCS switch room was upgraded with three (3) new computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units connected to three (3) dry coolers on the roof. One of the units has a compressor and provides cooling year around. In addition, the room and units’ ductwork were modified to use the space above the ceiling for return air to improve air circulation through critical hot spot areas.

Telus – Markham

The existing system was upgraded with two (2) new liquid (glycol) cooled CRAC units connected to three (3) dry coolers on the roof. One unit serves the PCS room and another IDEN room.

Engineering Services for this project included:

• Coordination with client and other consultants;
• Design of piping loop between the units located in the corridors / data rooms and dry coolers on the roof;
• Specification of new control sequences required to maximize energy savings;
• Modification of existing ductwork and design of new return air plenums;
• Modifications to the existing smoke detection system (VESDA);


Project services included feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review and contract administration.