Morguard, Chillers Plant Replacement


The project involved the design and engineering for the removal and replacement of two chiller plants at two facilities in one complex. Each building is approximately 200,000sq.ft.

In total, four chillers were replaced, with a total cooling capacity of 1,232 Tons of refrigeration. All new chillers were equipped with VFD magnetic bearing compressors. Four cooling towers were also replaced; and each new tower was equipped with a new VFD to modulate fan speed.

For the 77 City Centre building, the piping was reconfigured to create a parallel flow chiller arrangement. This reduced the overall pressure drop of the system and improved the energy efficiency of the total plant.

A new refrigerant monitoring system was designed and installed for each installation, as well as a new ventilation system to meet CSA-B52 requirements.

The controls for the new chilled water plants were carefully integrated with the existing automation system to provide increased functionality for the facility maintenance team and improved energy efficiency.


Project services included Project Management, engineering & design, construction review and contract administration. We also liaised with the local utility to obtain rebates from the Ontario Save on Energy Program.