Heat Recovery & Energy Recovery

Why would anyone pay for something and then immediately throw it away?  It happens more than you think, and it happens every day in buildings all over the world.  For example, every time that air is exhausted out of a building, or heat is rejected through a cooling tower or condenser to the outdoors, heat and energy that has already been paid for is thrown away.  The good news is that there are many ways to recover a lot of this heat and energy.  The bad news is you have to know when you have to do it, and other times you have to know if it makes sense to do it all.

Heat recovery is different than energy recovery, although the fundamental aspect of reclaiming a waste heat source is the same.  Heat recovery is the term commonly used when only dry (sensible) heat is reclaimed (no moisture).  Energy recovery is the term commonly used when both sensible and latent (moist) heat are reclaimed.  Some use these terms interchangeably, and this can lead to some confusion.

There are many items to consider when making this decision on a heat or energy recovery system such as the cost to implement the solution, the cost of the utilities, what positive and negative system impacts this can create, the return on your investment, how and where can this recovered heat or energy be used, and more.  You need a team that understands and considers all of this information when designing these systems on your behalf.  We have completed many projects that do just that.

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