Medical Marijuana Facilities - Various Sites


These projects, at various sites throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) involved the full conceptual design and construction review of medicinal marijuana production facilities. These facilities were designed to produce high quality, distributable marijuana for Health Canada approved usage. The facilities included organics analytical research laboratories, vegetative rooms, mother/clone rooms, grow rooms, secured vaults, and harvest/package rooms.

The conceptual designs involved the following items:

• A preliminary conceptual design report on the feasibility of implementation into existing buildings
• Extensive discussions with ‘Master Growers’, followed by calculations to determine HVAC, plumbing, and equipment requirements
• Full design of an integrated building automation system to provide each process room with dedicated environmental setpoints
• Reverse osmosis system equipped with a condensate capture system to effectively filter and reuse process irrigation and dehumidification condensation
• Air cooled chillers complete with heat recovery capabilities to provide both glycol chilled and heating water simultaneously
• Facility wide carbon dioxide (CO2) system directly integrated into HVAC systems to provide desired CO2 levels in air

The deliverables presented provided the facilities with the maximization of production and minimization of operational and equipment costs.


Project services included existing system assessment study, calculations and control sequencing, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review and contract administration.