Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) - Make-Up Air Unit Replacements


Boiler plant replacement projects for TCHC were completed at various locations throughout Toronto. These projects involved the assessment and recommendations for the replacement of domestic hot water boilers and tanks, heating water boilers, piping, pumps, and accessories.

The projects involved the following items:

• A preliminary study to determine the sizing requirements of the boiler plant and options for type of boilers and quantities
• Detailed engineering calculations to determine existing building heating and domestic hot water peak load requirements
• Sequencing of new boiler plants to offer cascading boiler operation and system temperature setpoint operation to maximize efficiency
• Integrating condensing boilers into the existing systems. Existing systems utilized high temperature primary loops with injection through 3-way control valves for zone demand
• Proving new flue venting including breeching and chimney liner
• Integrating new systems with the existing remote building automation system at TCHC headquarters

MAT 4Site Engineers provided the facilities with entire boiler plants resulting in significant increase in system efficiency and operation, and an overall facility wide decrease in operational costs, integrated systems able to be controlled remotely, and clean and ergonomically designed boiler plants for ease of maintenance and access.


Project services included feasibility study, calculations of required heating and domestic hot water peak load requirements, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review and contract administration.