QPC - Back Pressure Steam Turbine


The project involved the engineering for a new 210kWe backpressure steam turbine located in the basement level of the Whitney block. The turbine was designed to be used as a pressure reducing station by using high pressure steam to drive the turbine generator shaft to create electricity. Therefore, the turbine recovers the wasted energy caused by the pressure reducing station.

Once the steam travels through the turbine housing, the pressure is reduced to a lower pressure suitable for distribution throughout the complex. The synchronous generator is designed to provide power at a slightly higher voltage than the remainder of the complex’s service to ensure proper electricity flow out of the turbine genset.

Various systems had to be modified to accommodate the installation of the turbine including the high pressure steam system, pressure reducing station, low pressure steam system, condensate return, building automation system and the electrical system.

A new 600A generator switchboard was added to distribute power to the Ferguson block basement motor control centre.

The project was carefully coordinated between all major stakeholders: ORC (IO), Enwave, ESA and the TSSA.

Challenges overcome for this project included:

• Ensuring minimal disruption to the facility’s functions throughout the construction period
• Integrating the new and old systems to function harmoniously
• Phasing the construction and commissioning process
• Asbestos


Project services included feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review, contract administration and commissioning.