Emergency/ Back-up Power & Fuel Storage

These are the systems that help keep the power on in your building when everyone else has lost theirs.  The term Emergency power is reserved for providing power to life safety elements such as elevators, fire pumps, emergency lighting, and fire alarm systems.  Back-up power denotes when a system provides power to other critical systems such as IT networks, data centre equipment, critical cooling equipment, and any of your critical processes.

These Emergency and Back-up power systems are generally some form of engine driven generator that typically run on natural gas, diesel, or a combination of both.  In many cases, fuel storage tanks and systems for diesel would be required with inventory monitoring.  Other times, a dedicated natural gas line can be used.  Each option has its own strengths and weaknesses.

System capacity, automatic transfer switches, load management, fuel type, exhaust emissions, noise mitigation, monitoring, controls, heat removal, heat reclaim (for co-generation), regulatory and environmental compliance – there is a lot to consider when engineering an emergency power system, back-up power system and fuel storage system.  You need a team that understands and considers all of this information when designing these systems on your behalf.  We have completed many projects that do just that.

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