Heat Pump, Unitary, Split-System (Heat & Cool)

These systems can deliver heating and cooling to your building.  They may also be capable of providing fresh air.

Heat pumps can provide heating and cooling from the same medium (be it air or a water and glycol mixture).  The water based systems can be coupled with a ground loop commonly referred to as a “geothermal” system.  Other water based heat pump systems would use boilers and cooling towers to add and remove heat, respectively, from the system.

Air-based heat pumps just use air for rejecting heat and absorbing heat.  Air-based heat pumps can be either unitary or split system.  Unitary equipment is equipment that is self-contained and generally located outdoors.  A split system design decouples the equipment into indoor and outdoor sections.

Other unitary and split systems use either a natural gas or electric based heat source for heating purposes.  They also typically use air or a water-based system to reject heat to the outdoors.

So aside from understanding what it takes to design these systems, you have to work with a team that also knows how and when to use these systems.  We know how to give you all of the right information to help you make the best decision in applying these systems to your building.

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