Low Voltage Wiring - Communications/Security/ Audio-Visual

These are the systems in a building that are networked via low voltage structured cabling or wirelessly and are connected to an electrical network foundation upon which digital technology and communication equipment operate efficiently and consistently. Commercial buildings often contain wiring systems such as Network data, telephone, Wi-Fi access, HD video, and audio systems, and computer networking systems. All of these components require a wiring network that is separate and apart from standard power electrical wiring.

Building security is crucial in preventing theft and vandalism and to keep the building occupants safe. Security Systems include: CCTV surveillance systems, Intrusion detection systems and Access control systems.

Building Low Voltage Sound & Communication systems are important in communicating important messages to the authorized people and building occupants. These systems include: Paging and intercom systems, Nurse call systems, Mass notification systems, Wireless clocks and Audio/Visual Systems.

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