Fire Alarm and Life Safety

These are the systems that keep your building and its occupants safe from a fire. A fire alarm system plays an important and crucial role in alerting people of a building fire to save lives and property. A fire alarm system consists of a combination of initiating devices such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations and flow switches. When any of the initiating devices are triggered by a fire alarm condition, audible devices such as horns, speakers and bells are activated along with possible visual devices, such as strobe lights. Together, these devices detect fires and alert building occupants, giving them ample time to evacuate in an orderly fashion. At the same time, the fire department will be notified if the situation ever becomes a fire alarm condition.

Annual fire alarm inspections are required by law, which provides building owners an extra incentive to ensure all the inspection requirements are met. All buildings need to comply with the proper life safety codes and the requirements of the local authority having jurisdiction.

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