Feasibility Studies

This is high level thinking at its finest.  This is when we start to look at a problem and we start to develop high level solutions.  We look at the issues from different viewpoints to gain a better understanding of how these solutions need to be framed and how they may improve your building.  We generally pull together preliminary budgets, schedules and we perform risk assessments.

At times there can be heavy analysis that goes into this type of study. It really depends on the nature of what we are investigating.  Are we looking at an energy upgrade? If so, what would be the ROI of your investment?  Is it a potential initiative where you want to upgrade an existing and live facility? Then how do we keep things running and get the work done?

The outcome of our feasibility study is meant to provide you with an understanding of: whether or not a project is technically possible to complete; how much it will cost; highlight any financial payback; and how long it will take to complete.  This is a valuable tool that you can use to decide whether a particular project can or should move forward.

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