Energy Modeling & Energy Studies

How will my building respond if I switch from this old constant volume system to a new variable flow type system?  How much energy will this building consume if I build it this way?  How much energy can I save if I change these settings or run things with a different sequence?  Does my proposed building comply with the latest energy standards?

We like to answer these kinds of questions by setting up an energy model for your building.  Our program uses an 8,760 hourly annual analysis process to provide very accurate results.  Once the model is created, we can manipulate this model to look at different ways that you can save on energy in your building. The energy savings that we project are also demonstrated in terms of costs and emissions reductions.

We frequently parlay this energy model and energy study information into a Life Cycle Analysis or Feasibility Study.

Typically, there are also many opportunities for energy incentives and rebates when these types of energy initiatives are undertaken.  We can help you identify, quantify and obtain the incentives and rebates in your local area that would be available for your project.

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