YRDSB Summitview Public School - Heating, Controls & Lighting Upgrade


MAT 4Site Engineers was retained for the engineering work for the upgrade of the heating system, controls and lighting at 6551 Main Street, located in Stouffville. The school was built in three phases and had three separate heating systems. The older section had steam boiler plant with perimeter radiators; and the other areas had a hydronic boiler plant with hot water radiators and reheat coils.

The project included:

• The removal of the steam boiler plant, steam distribution and two hydronic hot water boiler plants;
• The installation of one new central hydronic boiler plant with new high efficiency boilers, VFD operated pumps and all associated equipment;
• A new hydronic distribution system with hot water radiators was installed in the oldest section which had the original steam distribution system;
• The replacement of several distributed electric domestic hot water heaters with a new centralized natural gas high-efficiency domestic hot water system;
• The upgrading of the Building Automation System (BAS) to control the new heating system, the existing air handling units, and all radiant heaters and heating coils; and
• The replacement of the classroom lighting in the older section of the school with new high efficiency lighting;


Project services included feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review and contract administration.