YRDSB, E.T. Crowle Public School - HVAC, Controls & Lighting Controls


MAT 4Site Engineers was retained for the engineering work for the upgrade of the heating system, controls and lighting at 15 Larkin Avenue, located in Markham.

The school had an existing water cooled heat pump system for the school and an air handler with DX cooling for the gym.

The project included:

• The removal of 27 heat pump units and associated equipment (cooling tower, boiler plant);
• The implementation of one new central hydronic boiler plant with new high efficiency boilers, VFD operated pumps, a heat exchanger for the air handler glycol loop, and all associated equipment;
• A new heating distribution with a combination of hot water ceiling radiant panels, fan coil units and cabinet heaters;
• A new Variable refrigerant (VRF) cooling unit system for the library and main offices;
• The removal of the DX cooling coil from the gym air handling unit and associated roof mounted condenser;
• The replacement of the air handling unit providing ventilation for the school serving the school with a larger unit to comply with new code requirements. A new return duct distribution system was designed to allow for recirculation and early morning warm up;
• The replacement of the existing gas domestic water heaters with new high efficiency gas water heaters;
• Upgrading of the control system for the existing equipment and the introduction of a new control system to control the mechanical room equipment and new control valves on the new terminal heaters;
• Replacement of the corridor lighting


Project services included feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review and contract administration.