WGMC Geosciences Labs - Ventilation Controllers Upgrade


This project, at the Willet Green Miller Centre (WGMC) Geosciences Laboratories located in Sudbury, Ontario, involved the assessment and upgrade of the previous analog operated laboratory ventilation system. The WGMC facility is a high quality, full service inorganic materials analytical facility providing analytical services in geochemistry, academic, exploration, mining, environmental, industrial, and research for various organizations. The facility is equipped with a large amount of various types of fume hoods, including perchloric, laminar, acid, and flammables. Many hoods utilize venturi air valves.

The project involved the following items:

• A preliminary study to ensure the existing systems’ emissions and infrastructure meet Ministry of Environment requirements
• Upgrade the existing analog systems to new digital control system (including digital readouts and remote viewing and controllability)
• Integration of the new digital control system into the existing building automation system
• Implementation of occupancy sensors, fume hood sash monitors, room pressure monitoring devices, and space temperature sensors
• Final commissioning of entire system

MAT 4Site Engineers worked with the facility and equipment manufacturers to properly implement the new digital system. The deliverables presented provided the facility with the minimization of maintenance costs, increase in system reliability, and an overall facility wide decrease in operational costs.


Project services included existing system assessment study, calculations and sequencing to minimize ventilation requirements during unoccupied periods, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review and contract administration.