WellSpring Pharmaceutical – Tray Dryer System Installation


MAT 4Site Engineers was retained to work within a multidisciplinary team on the addition of a new Tray Dryer System for Wellspring Pharmaceutical Corporation located in Oakville. This stemmed from the client’s need to increase production in the facility. The scope required the provision of investigative, feasibility, design and contract administration services for installing all of the system components within a very compressed timeline to meet production commitments.

The new Tray Dryer System included:

• Rooftop Air Handling Unit
• Rooftop exhaust HEPA fan
• VFD Chilled Water Pumps
• Full Steam distribution system
• Tray Dryer

MAT 4Site Engineers performed a detailed review of the existing site including the ceiling spaces, mechanical rooms, service corridors, process areas and the roof. The site investigation ensured that proper routing and clearances for all new ductwork, piping, fittings and system components can be achieved during construction. It also included the assessment of the existing chilled water and steam systems and the provision of a feasibility study outlining the best options for supplying the new tray dryer system with these required services.

Once the investigative and feasibility stages of the project were completed, MAT 4Site Engineers sat off on completing the detailed design drawings and specifications while coordinating with other team members especially with the equipment manufacturers due to the operational sensitivity of pharmaceutical process equipment.

Following the completion of the design revision process with the client, the design package was issued for permit and tender. MAT 4Site Engineers then provided the required contract administration services during construction and the close out services following the commissioning and verification stage.


Project services included feasibility planning, detailed engineering, contract administration and close-out.