University of Toronto, Galbraith Building - Nanotechnology Laboratory Upgrade


Located within the existing Galbraith building at the University of Toronto, a new nanotechnology laboratory has been constructed. The mechanical and electrical design has overcame existing space constraints, existing infrastructure and existing environmental (asbestos) impacts to design a state of the art, high efficiency Laboratory.

The laboratory is comprised of

• 4x Fume Hoods
• 1x Wet Bench
• 9x Glove Boxes
• 1x Waste Canopy
• 2x Service Sinks
• Future Equipment Area

Servicing the laboratory equipment, the mechanical system includes a variable volume make-up air and exhaust system, laminar flow fabric ductwork, domestic/sanitary systems, emergency shower/eye wash station.

The MUA has been design to utilize the existing campus steam heating, variable speed drives, HEPA filtration, and has been design to accommodate a non-typical very low dehumidification process to achieve 35% Relative Humidity (RH). Laminar flow fabric ductwork has been constructed to match the UofT blue. The entire control system has been fully integrated into the Building Automation System; in addition, to providing a fully dynamic and adjustable touch screen interface located in the vestibule of the laboratory to monitor and maintain system performance.

The domestic water system supplies all fume hoods, wet bench, sinks, shower/eye wash station and humidification system.

Gas bottle area and (medical grade) distribution piping include; Nitrogen, and Air connections to all laboratory equipment.

A (wet) fire/ sprinkler protection system services the laboratory.


Project services included feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review, contract administration.