University Health Network, Toronto Western Hospital - Domestic Hot Water System Replacement


The project involved a review and replacement of the existing domestic hot water heat exchangers (4 steam to water heat exchangers), two storage tanks and two hot water recirculation pumps at the McLaughlin Pavilion at the Toronto Western Hospital.

The capacity of the system was reviewed over a one week period. An ultrasonic flow meter was installed on the main domestic hot water supply line and the results tallied.

The design consisted of 3 new semi-instantaneous steam to hot water heaters, two new domestic hot water recirculation pumps, new PRV station and condensate pumps.

Each of the steam to hot water heat exchanger was sized for 35gpm. A fourth heat exchanger was added for future expansion. Each of the heat exchangers are connected to the Building Automation System.

With the installation of the new instantaneous hot water heat exchangers, the storage tanks are no longer required, the tanks were removed.


Project services included: conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review and contract administration.