Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank - RTU Replacement Program


MAT 4Site Engineers was retained work on a Rooftop Unit (RTU) Replacement program for the Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank. The project involved 28 retail bank branches located throughout southern Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia.

The project was initiated to replace and renew the existing RTUs at these various branches for several reasons: the equipment had reached the end of its useful life; the reliability of the equipment serving the branches had to be improved; the client wanted to improve on the energy efficiency of the existing HVAC systems in the branches.

The project started with a detailed review of the branches. Our team strategically set out across the country to gather the required information of the existing systems. The information was then compiled into individual studies for each branch. Each study identified the condition of the existing equipment and recommended approach for the replacement of the RTUs.

The scope of the replacement work included the following key elements:
• The replacement of existing HVAC equipment with new ASHARE 90.1 compliant equipment
• The installation of Economizers for free cooling capability for improved energy efficiency
• The installation of a new controls to allow proper temperature control and setback capabilities


Project services included feasibility planning, detailed engineering, contract administration and close-out.