Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) - Plumbing Piping Replacements


Plumbing piping replacement projects for TCHC were completed at various locations throughout Toronto. These projects involved the assessment and recommendations for the replacement of plumbing piping risers and horizontal piping through ceiling spaces. The majority of these sites contained piping over 40 years in age and plumbing risers dedicated for suites stacked throughout the full height of the building.

The projects involved the following items:

• A preliminary study to determine the condition of the existing plumbing piping throughout the buildings and recommendations
• Designated substances survey, ultrasonic testing of piping, and visual investigations
• Discussions with facility management and tenants
• Cutting of existing walls to verify piping and provide a detailed construction plan for installation of new piping without disrupting existing service
• Upgrading booster pump packages (if present at site) with new energy efficient options
• Providing direction and details for cutting and patching within suites

MAT 4Site Engineers worked with contractors and facility personnel to provide a phased construction approach to minimize disturbance of services and tenants. The deliverables presented provided the facilities with the best solutions for quick and easy piping replacement, increase in system efficiency and condition, and an overall facility wide decrease in operational costs.


Project services included feasibility study, calculations of required plumbing service compared to existing system, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review and contract administration.