Sheraton hotel (Eau Claire) - Riser Repair


The project involved a review of 12 risers which consist of supply and return of chilled water pipes and heating pipes serving 156 fan coil units. The investigation consisted of identifying if the risers were supported with anchors, had sufficient riser clamps, and had allowances for thermal expansion. The 40 year old hotel had no support or thermal expansion compensators on the risers.

As a result of the risers not having support and due to the expansion and contraction of the heating risers, connections from the risers to the coils have worn out over the years and started experiencing leaks. Each of the 156 fan coils was exposed and the piping connections exposed. New riser clamps were installed on every second floor for both chilled water and heating piping. New expansion compensators were installed on the heating supply and return risers. Anchors and riser guides were added to ensure that the risers expand and contract in a vertical motion.


Project services included feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review, contract administration.