Ministry of the Environment Resources - West Wing Laboratory Control System


MAT 4Site Engineers was retained by Infrastructure Ontario and the Ministry of the Environment to solve an issue that had been present at their facility for years. The issue was one of poor laboratory pressure control.

We performed a review of the existing systems and ultimately developed a plan on how to properly create pressure control for each lab area.

The project was essentially a two phased project. The first phase of the project involved a mock-up of a new style of control for a particular laboratory room to prove the validity of the design concept. Once the effectiveness of the control system was confirmed, the second phase of the project was initiated.

The second phase involved implementation of the Phase 1 design principles throughout the remainder of the building. The Phase 2 work was further subdivided in additional phases due to the large size of the facility (over 100,000sq.ft), and the fact that it would occupied during construction. This multi-phased approach allowed for minimal impact to the operation of the facility.

Upgrades of the systems were installed to modernize the laboratories within the facility and bring the operation of the facility up to modern standards. Variable air flow for the supply and exhaust systems were utilized to maximize the energy efficiency of the lab systems. The design also addressed improving employee safety via new controls, alarms and improved materials.


Project services included feasibility planning, conceptual design, detailed engineering & design, construction review, contract administration and commissioning.