Ministry of Community and Social Services, Office Renovation


MAT 4Site Engineers was retained to perform the mechanical engineering work for the complete mechanical upgrade of the 2nd-6th floors (approximately 50,000 square feet) of 101 Bloor Street, Toronto, Ontario. The work was required to accommodate a large interior office renovation required by the MCSS.

Therefore, in addition to the reconfiguration of the mechanical systems to suit the new spatial requirements, the project also involved various upgrades. The upgrading of the HVAC systems, fire suppression systems, plumbing and drainage, and building automation system components were necessary to meet LEED C.I. Silver requirements.

Specific project highlights include:

• HVAC upgrade of dual duct variable air volume system.
• Additional washroom fixtures to accommodate new occupancy.
• New wireless Direct Digital Controls were retro-fitted on to floors 2-6 and interlocked to eliminate simultaneous cooling and heating.

LEED Credits targeted for the 2nd-6th floor include:

• EA Credit 1.3 – Optimize Energy Performance, HVAC
• EQ Credit 2 – Increased Ventilation
• EQ Credit 7.1 – Thermal Comfort (Compliance)
• EQ Credit 7.2 – Thermal Comfort (Monitoring)
• WE Credit 1.1 & 1.2 – Water Efficiency

LEED modifications include:

• Increasing fresh air requirements by a minimum of 30%.
• Installing filters on all return grilles and ducts (during construction period) to protect the base building ventilation system from construction dust.
• Utilizing low flow water fixtures (water closets, kitchenette sinks).


Project services included conceptual design, detailed design & engineering, contract administration and close-out.