Bank of Montreal (BMO) - HVAC & Energy Upgrades Program


MAT 4Site Engineers was retained to work on an HVAC & Energy program for the Bank of Montreal. The program was configured into two phases: a Feasibility Study and then a Design & Implementation phase. The project included 12 retail bank branches located throughout southern Ontario.

The project was commissioned for various reasons including: identifying any potential HVAC energy savings opportunities; identifying any potential Code issues with respect to the HVAC systems and ventilation shortfalls; and identifying any potential ways of improving the comfort and control of the HVAC systems serving these branches.

The project started with a detailed review of the branches. Our team strategically set out across the province to gather the required information of the existing systems. The information was compiled into individual studies for each branch. The various recommendations were evaluated against the project criteria. The financial payback for each energy savings opportunity was analyzed, including a review of any available incentives and rebates.

The studies identified various areas of potential improvement, which ultimately led to the design and implementation of many of these recommendations.

In the second phase of the project, our designs addressed specific areas of improvement such as:

• The replacement of existing HVAC equipment with new ASHARE 90.1 compliant equipment
• The reconfiguration of duct distribution with new VAV terminal boxes for improved local control
• The installation of Economizers for free cooling capability
• The installation of a new BAS at each location
• Increased ventilation for various spaces within each branch
• Upgraded ATM cooling systems

Due to the quantity of the equipment that was involved, we worked with the bank to prepare a bulk purchase agreement for the HVAC equipment that was to be used on the project. This agreement resulted in significant cost savings to our client.

For this project, we also worked with the local utilities and BMO to obtain the various incentives and applicable rebates for the work.


Project services included feasibility planning, energy modeling, conceptual design, detailed design & engineering, contract administration and close-out.