Aurora Town Hall


A large study was completed for the Town Hall Facility. The study involved a detailed review and energy audit to identify various innovative energy measures throughout the facility. The review included existing HVAC equipment (Air Handling Units with distribution and the boiler plant) and the controls system. The review was also commissioned to determine how comfort levels could be improved throughout the facility.

We conducted a survey of occupancy, lighting, equipment and building envelope to accurately estimate the heating, cooling and ventilation loads within the space.

A report was issued that included a feasibility study and lifecycle analysis for each option.

Ultimately, the main air handling units for the facility were replaced. Along with the AHUs, the project included a new boiler plant including new high efficiency boilers and pumps. The project also included for a new BAS to properly manage the main mechanical systems and more accurately control each zone throughout the facility.


Project services included feasibility study, lifecycle analysis, conceptual design, detailed design and engineering, contract administration and close-out.