It's been 2 years. We miss you.

Today marks the 2-year anniversary that we lost our dear friend, and partner, Milenko. We had known Milenko for 17 years at the time of his passing, and we were partners for 13 of them. This picture was that last one taken of the three of us together. As you might imagine, we went through a lot over the years. Janusz and I dearly miss him, as does everyone else that knew and worked alongside him. His presence and his personality were just so unique. Milenko was a great engineer and a wonderful person. Since his passing, we have done our best to honour him in the great work that we do – he would have expected nothing less. It was bittersweet that we marked our 15th Anniversary last month. He wasn’t there to celebrate it in person, but he was definitely with us in our hearts. Milenko, on behalf of the entire MAT 4Site family, we miss you.