Thank you!

This month marks our 15th year anniversary. We really didn’t know where we were going when we started back in 2004, but we are certainly happy to be here now. We will have a lot to say over the next few months during this time of celebration. This message is one of thanks.
First, we would like start by thanking our clients. A business isn’t much without clients is it? All of the Core Values, Visions and Mission Statements in the world wouldn’t matter much if our clients didn’t believe in them as well. Together, we have made a true impact in our world by creating efficient new buildings and breathing new life into old ones. You have given us the opportunity to help you achieve your goals. You have given us the opportunity to work collaboratively with you and feel like a genuine part of your team. We look forward to continuing to help you build on your success by helping you create your best buildings. We cannot be who we are without you. Thank you.
Secondly, we would like to thank our industry partners. We have worked with, and will continue to work with, many consultants, suppliers, and contractors over these past 15 years. You are an important part of our team. You have been so helpful – whether you were providing us with expertise; introducing us to the latest and greatest technology; helping us investigate some uncovered issue; or proficiently building what have designed; your contributions have been crucial to our success. It would have been impossible to have completed all that we have done without you. Thank you.
Finally, and certainly not least, we would like to thank our team – the best team ever. Work is just work when you show up to simply execute some pre-defined tasks. But you have helped us create something much more than that. Our culture – your culture – has given us the best environment for us to do our best. We lean on each other because we can depend on each other. We work hard for each other because we trust each other. You make it fun. You make it real. You make us the best. None of this would have ever happened without you. Thank you.